Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Dreams are Achievable - part 1

I wrote and published my first book at the age of 12. I was in JS 2 then, very intelligent and passionate about literature and arts in general. I was the best in my class when it came to articles, compositions and letter writing. I was so good that I didn’t need to exert any effort before flooring everyone with my write up. There was one time when I had an issue with my English teacher and she gave me some spanking; about 2 slaps actually, after which she gave us an exercise to write an informal letter. I was angry with her and decided that I would write the worst letter she had ever seen or read. So I settled down and started writing what my mind called a very terrible letter. Within minutes I was through and flung my book at her (Just kidding - I actually submitted humbly), together with other students. The next period she returned to class and complained of how disappointed she was at our letters, I smiled in my mind. She continued with the bashing and at the end, said she was going to read the letter she considered the best. Your guess is as good as mine; yes, she read my letter. I was so furious, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t even intentionally fail a common letter. 

Monday, July 06, 2015

I cooked!

I have a couple of strong points, especially on the home front. For example, I am good at keeping the home clean and looking after kids; although there was a time when a neighbour’s 2 year old that I was supposed to look after found itself in the middle of the road pursuing its ball, I still believe I am good at looking after kid as that was just a one-time incident. And in case you are wondering, the kid didn’t die! Unfortunately, of all my numerous home front strong points, cooking was just not and has never been one of them! I hated cooking to the bone and I just can’t fathom why. I just know that it was one boring chore that I hate – along with doing the dishes actually.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Valentine's Day Experience

This year would have taken me to the pinnacle of my love career; unfortunately, it didn’t!!!

I woke up this morning (Feb. 14) with three lovely options for a val. Lucky me right??? I have always believed in the prophecies of my pastor, Pastor … okay you don’t need to know his name. But when he said it, during our 31st night service that somebody would be 3 times lucky this year, I knew he was talking to me and of course I responded in faith - My “Amen” was the loudest!

And so as my faith would have it, I met Mary, Blessing and Ayo (such weird combination abi?) in quick succession in January this year and they quickly fell in line – Did I tell you I was a charmer? Now it’s good you know the positions of the three ladies. Mary was the main “chick” while Blessing and Ayo were the "side chickens”! Of course you wouldn't be dumb enough to want to ask why Mary is the main chick, would you??? She was the mother of Jesus for Christ sake! How could she not be the main chick! Well, she had other “main chick” qualities though which gave her the first position – but I can’t say it here, it’s a secret no guy wants to let out! Blessing was “side chick" no. 1 while Ayo was "side chick" no. 2 – more of a corner chick though. Now Blessing didn’t know she was a side chick but Ayo had an inkling that she was a "corner chick" but didn’t complain or look too deep – she loved the monthly movies, fast food and other stuffs like that – "you know na".

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I have never kept a resolution

I know I have been away for a very long time and you are probably angry with me. I am sorry. That is why i decided to do one last post before the final seconds of 2014 ticks out. Enjoy!!!

A colleague of mine inquired of my resolutions for the year 2015. It was a question that threw me off balance (kind off) as I never gave it any thought before then. But then I remembered, that my 2013 resolution was to stop making resolutions! Interestingly, this is the only resolution I have kept. I don’t know what you think (I would really love to know though) but I think it was/ has been one of the best resolutions I have made since I was born. Don’t get me wrong my dear; I hope to improve in 2015 and do great things but I ain't gonna tie myself to some difficult behavioural goals which I have always failed to achieve since I was a kid. You are free to term me irresponsible and childish.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Return of the Visitor

I cannot vividly remember the last time it visited. I think I was still in Secondary school then; basking in the flamboyance of my teenage pride (that was just to challenge Wole Soyinka, hehehe…). The visit was however short-lived as I managed to get a hold of it and overpower it’s disgraceful intent; knocking it out flat in the opening rounds (it was not aware of my Mohammed Alistic butterfly skills). It left angry, I saw the anger on its texture before pushing down it with large buckets of water to its rightful position. How it managed not to stay there, I can’t tell. 10 years later it returned, with so much fury. I never knew it still harbored that rage and wicked revengeful thoughts, waiting patiently for the opportunity to strike back – and the opportunity did come! This time its attack was stronger, leaving no room for failure on its part; its sting was bitter, carrying so much force. My skills were nowhere to be found – you wouldn’t blame me though, I had past my prime. Did it succeed then? – You would find out soon…
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